Anna Zoph picture
Anna Zoph
Macy Lancaster picture
Macy Lancaster
Vice President
Avery Logsdon picture
Avery Logsdon
Chloe Wheeler picture
Chloe Wheeler
Sydney Long picture
Sydney Long
Member Educator
Averi Bishop picture
Averi Bishop
Personnel Chair
Bailee Sowell picture
Bailee Sowell
Recruitment Chair
Peyton Erslan picture
Peyton Erslan
Panhellenic Delegate
Anne Simpson picture
Anne Simpson
Director of Programming
Lydia Matis picture
Lydia Matis
Facility Manager
Payton Sanford picture
Payton Sanford
Campus Activities Director
Sage Nelsen picture
Sage Nelsen
Career and Personal Development Director
Elizabeth Schneider picture
Elizabeth Schneider
Community Service Director
Samantha Bodemann picture
Samantha Bodemann
DEI Chair
Emmy Fazenbaker picture
Emmy Fazenbaker
Marketing Director
Natalie Duggins picture
Natalie Duggins
Sisterhood Director
Hannah Murray picture
Hannah Murray
Social Events Director
Lillian Mishlony picture
Lillian Mishlony
Foundation Ambassador
Maddie Scott picture
Maddie Scott
Alumnae Relations Chair
Kelly Peterson picture
Kelly Peterson
RIF Chair
Ashley Owens picture
Ashley Owens
Gina Scenna picture
Gina Scenna
Personnel Advisor
Kori Bumgarner picture
Kori Bumgarner
Personnel Advisor
Lizzie Brown picture
Lizzie Brown
Alumnae Relations Advisor
Monica Duvall picture
Monica Duvall
Campus Activities Advisor
Lauren Griffing picture
Lauren Griffing
Cardinal Cabinet Advisor
Ashlea Shepherd Porter picture
Ashlea Shepherd Porter
Career/Personal Development Advisor
Mindy Johnson picture
Mindy Johnson
Community Service Advisor
Financial Advisor
Lauren Griffing picture
Lauren Griffing
Forms and Records Advisor
Olivia Higgins picture
Olivia Higgins
New Member Advisor
Sarah Millay picture
Sarah Millay
Panhellenic Advisor
Jessica Nations picture
Jessica Nations
Recruitment Advisor
Monica Duvall picture
Monica Duvall
RIF Advisor
Hannah White picture
Hannah White
Ritual Advisor
Jennifer Cary picture
Jennifer Cary
Ritual Advisor
Stephanie Young picture
Stephanie Young
Scholarship Advisor
Megan Millay picture
Megan Millay
Sisterhood Advisor